D.F. Jester is a writer, book fanatic, world traveler, urban explorer, connoisseur of cocktails, lover of bourbon, well versed in craft beers, and firefighter/paramedic. He graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a masters in American and New England Studies, concentrating on cultural analysis, gentrification, and the perceived stereotypes of "hipster" subculture. After graduating he focused much of his time collecting information on cultural anomalies within New England and other regions of the world. 

During the summer of 2016 he accepted the honor as regular contributor to the Chicago based Drinkers With Writing Problems

His job as a firefighter/paramedic back in Maine, has him frequently questioning how much blood the human body truly can lose and still survive, and why a full moon drives his patients mad. When he is not swilling cocktails, bourbon, or scotch, he will imbibe in any imperial stout that is representative of his soul; sweet, dark, and bitter.

Among many other jobs, he has been bartender, whale watcher, and ice rescue instructor. 

As a masochist, David competes in Spartan Beast races. For him, there is something so soothing knowing that he will be wet, cold, tired, uncomfortable, and in pain for eight hours straight. He swore he would never do one again, yet in a drunken revelation, realized he was going to train again. The cycle repeats itself.